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How to Recover Deleted Photos and Files On Android


How to Recover Deleted Files On Android – Almost all Android smartphones on the market to give three important storage to store new data. The importance of storage including a SIM card, internal memory and external memory. You may save some important data in storage, such as photographs, music, videos, applications and much more.

Then, what if  important data are erased from your android memory? You might panic and wonder, how do I recover deleted files and photos from the storage android? Please be relax, your erased files, photos and data are can be returned easily. Previously you have to know what are the causes files and data in android can be erased. Here are some of the reason:

  • Accidentally deleted messages, contacts, photos and data from Android
  • Data is missing after rooting your Android device.
  • Flashing the ROM on your Android device.
  • Data erased after Android restore to factory settings.
  • The device is damaged or can not access data on Android.

For that follow the detailed guide how to recover deleted photos, files, and data from android if you want it all back. How to Recover Deleted Files On Android?

how to recover deletd photo on android

how to recover deletd photo on android

How to recover deleted photos and files on Android

There are several ways to help recover all or most valuable deleted files. This guide discusses two different ways to recover files that have been deleted as SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc. from your Android device. Ok, if you want to know how to recover photos, and important files in android we just discuss one by one that two methods.

How to Recover Deleted Files, Photos and Data On Android For Devices Not Yet In Root

If you are not at the root android would be a bit difficult to recover deleted files in your android. If you want to root android Root try the easy way without this PC. But if you do not want to Root, you still can recover files, photos and important data on your android.

There Applications made Piriform cool to be able to recover the deleted file. The application called Recuva. This application is very powerful to recover files, images and important data in android. In fact, this application has been recommended by android forums on google plus. Look at this…

Well, for that do not hesitate to use this application to recover the lost data on your android. But you have to install this program on a Windows PC to make it work. You must first download the application here

Next, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your Android to your PC with a USB cable or card reader.
  2. Ensure that the memory of Android is already detected, then open the application Recuva.
  3. Select the type of file you want to recover, select All files if you want to recover all types of files in the SD Card.
  4. Select the drive where locate the file you want recover. Select In a specific place if you want to select the memory place. Select I’m Not Sure if you forget locate the file you want recover.
  5. Click on Enable Deep Scan check box if you want to search files that are deeper.
  6. Then click Start to begin the search deleted files. Now all you have to do is wait until the deleted file was found.
  7. If the deleted file has been found by Recuva, then your job is to click the check box on the file, then right-click and choose Recover Checked.
  8. Then select the drive where you will store the file, such as in the photo, and then click OK.
  9. Once completed move the files already stored on your PC to your android earlier.
  10. finished

That is the way to recover deleted files, photos and data in android application Recuva. Maybe a little bit complicated huh? If you want an easier, try the second method.

How to Recover Deleted Files, Photos, and Data On Android For Devices Already In Root

If you are already have  root ed android device, you will be blessed. Because there are some best data recovery android in Google Play Store  that can be used to recover deleted files on android. This is more convenient than the previous way. You only need to install the application and scan directly, without having to bother using the PC. Curious ???

Let us look at some applications that can be used to recover files, photos and deleted data in android.

  1. Undeleter recover files and data

Undeleter is an application developed by farhbot to recover deleted files, images and data in android. This application is free but to get the full support you are required to buy the pro. So for the free version can only recover the image file, and some such as SMS and .txt files. To recover files deleted images and data, see the steps below:

  1. First, download the app on Google Play or Here
  2. Install and open the app.
  3. If prompted for root access, press allow.
  4. Then select Recover files or Recover data (such as SMS)
  5. Storage Select where you want to recover data, internal storage or external storage.
  6. If it is going to be 2 options namely scan Journal Scan and Deep Scan. For the Journal scan, all the deleted files will be scanned, including photos, video and text. For Deep scan, we can choose yourself which we will file recover.
  7. After choosing between the Deep or the Journal, press the scan is in the bottom right corner.
  8. Wait a few moments until scanned results seem.
  9. After emerging please carefully one by one, which files will be returned.
  10. If you’ve found the file you want recover, click the image and then press the box in the upper right corner and select Recover Item.
  11. Done, files, photos or data that you want is already back to the storage of your android.

That is the way to recover deleted photos, files, and data in android application Undeleter. Easy, Practical and simple, it is right?

  1. Disk Digger undelete

The other application that can be used to recover deleted files. Disk Digger is a free application that can be used to recover deleted files on android. This application can recover files JPG, PNG, and MP4. For other formats you must use the alias paid pro version. To use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Download DiskDigger in PlayStore app and then install it.
  2. If requested access to Root, select allow
  3. There will be a memorial Upgrade to Pro. If you do not want to upgrade select no thanks.
  4. Select the data storage file to recover the data in the internal or the external memory.
  5. Then select a file format that will be returned earlier, then click OK.
  6. DiskDigger will begin scanning / scan files that can still be recover.
  7. Select the file to be recover
  8. Then choose Save local … To help us find the file that has been refunded earlier.
  9. finished

Easy is not how to recover deleted files, photos and data on android using DiskDigger application?

  1. Dumpster – recycle bin

Actually, this application is not to recover the deleted files, but rather to hold files, images and data are deleted. Recycle Bin function is the same as that of the PC. We can recover all the deleted files if you already installed the previous android Dumster application. So Dumster used to address the problem of the deleted file. How to recover deleted photos, files, and data in android using Dumster, follow the steps below:

  1. Surely you must first download Dumpster Applications
  2. Install and open application Dumpster.
  3. First open the application you are asked to choose the files what you want to be accommodated by the Dumpster. Setting your own.
  4. All deleted files on android we will be at capacity by the same dumpster as the Recycle Bin on the PC. But Dumpster has been categorized by folders.
  5. Search folders and files you want to recover.
  6. After completion of the desired recover files, you can permanently delete other files that are not needed in order not meet internal storage android. You know right from the impact of the full memory will make your android slow. If you already slow, you can learn How to overcome this slow android
  7. How to remove it, go to the settings menu (top left) and select “Empty Dumpster.”
  8. finished, This is more easily done on the two previous applications.

That’s some way how to recover deleted photos and files on android. After reading all the above you may be interested to know How to hide files in this android. What are you waiting for? Action now to get android files deleted from your android storage. If you are successful, yes me know in the comment box or share it to friends in need.

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